Videos: People Stories

People impact people, and everyone has a story to tell. Here are a few of the many stories I have been priviledged to capture over the years.

Sarah's Story

An Award Winning Video of restoration and healing.

Seasoned Leaders: Wisdom Speaks

Produced for Lead Michiana Leadership Conference. Leaders and influencers, including the former Indiana Governor and Mayor of South Bend Joe Kernan, share some of the lessons they have learned throughout their careers and lives. 


Every day we have contact with friends, family, and any number of people within the community. The impact of even the smallest of these interactions, should not be underestimated. This video is an example of this in action...over an 8 year period for those involved.

Sheila "Simplicity"

The Gates Family: "6 under 7"

Tammy and Tony

Tara and Brian's Wedding

Peter and Rachel's Wedding Photo Montage