Videos: Commercial/Informational

A diverse collection of client videos. These videos include advertisements, promotionals, in-house informational pieces, and community outreach projects.

Rush Hour

This project was designed for use in a capital campaign.

The concept was used to illustrate two needs within the facility. The need for an expanded children's ministry area, and atrium "Commons Area" that would greatly facilitate the building of community within and beyond crowded service times.

Ferrari Video

This video was shot for a client at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, MI. The owner/driver, Jim, really knew what he was doing and took us on some memorable runs. This was the fastest I had ever gone…without being airborne.

Interventions Commercial

A little animation as an Ad/Promotional Teaser for a new series at GCC, created through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and pencil and paper.

"surestep" New Logo animation Teaser

"surestep" Logo Reveal

Chelsie, Mom and "surestep"

Info video graphically representing diversity and use of support brace to clinicians.

Jeff Petersen Studios Aerial Demo Video

We are licensed and insured for all commercial drone video production.

Jeff Petersen Studios: Senior Photos Behind the Scenes Video

Growing Kids Parent Testimonies

We did a series of videos for Growing Kids Learning Centers. This video is a good sample of those, and we were excited to hear that it actually won them an award at one of their industry conferences! 

Wakarusa House and Town

The client asked me to not only show the house, but also to highlight the local community as part of its selling features.  

LEAD USA Promotional Video

Promotional/Informational video for Justin Maust's National Leadership Conference "Lead USA" 

The Take Ten Crew VS The CyberBully

The original drawings and story for The Take Ten Crew VS The CyberBully were developed by a diverse group of local high school and junior high school students led by Jeff Petersen Studios and leaders from the Robinson Community Learning Center/Take Ten Program.

All of the line art the students produced was brought into the computer, cleaned, colored, composited and made into a printed comic book. That same artwork was then reformatted and finally animated, again by Jeff Petersen Studios, using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.

The Voice over actors were all student artists from the project (although we added a great narrator to the project-from the RCLC-thanks Duane!) The comic and the animated version were sponsored by, and able to premiere at the Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Community Plunge event on Cyberbullying.

Take Ten Crew VS The CyberBully: Behind the scenes vignette

A backstage look into the Take Ten Crew comic team, as we developed the story and work on developing the styles for "our take", on the “Original” Take Ten Crew characters.