Videos: Story Telling

Many stories to tell, many ways to tell them. Here are a few favorites over the years.


There were several of these more elaborate teaching videos developed with Rob. This one obviously uses Dominoes as the main teaching metaphor. We created the CG Dominoes, which at that time was a new challenge. The many many “practical” Dominoes, although not a new experience, were certainly a fun challenge as well.

Lego David

The Story of David as told through the ever popular world of Lego (Many years before the Lego Movies). Some of our very youngest team members played integral parts in set design and construction.


M&Ms is a lesson in Generosity. This concept is a great example of knowing an idea was there, close enough to feel it, but just out of easy reach...but not relenting until it has come to full fruition.

1st Place Winner Church Production Magazine Awards-"Other" Category


A little fun was had playing a very old “Dating Scenario” with the help of iPods. You will note that the designs of the iPods are “Showing their age”, but this was made several years ago when the first Video iPods were being introduced.

The original designs for the iPods started from scratch in Adobe Illustrator and were then built in 3D with Cinema 4D (these were not available to just go out and “get on the net” as you could today). All the resulting compositing was put together in After Effects. This was also a first in making a full CG HD video for our HD Venue. At the time, it took somewhere between 5 and 8 computers in a newly made render farm (created specifically for this project) almost a week to render. The ability to conceive and deliver this project was pretty “Cutting Edge” at the time.

While the power of the technology makes the actual “technical side” much easier to accomplish now, the ideas and the “Storytelling” still work just as well today as they did when it first played. I always thought that this was an idea that Apple should have adopted for a campaign. I still think it would work, so many years later. Apple...Apple...???

Shepherd’s Tale

The Christmas story told from the shepherd’s perspective. A world of challenges at the time, in technology and production. Virtually no budget, but  lots of determination.

Enjoy the “making of” split screen to see how you tell this type of story in the middle of a flood, followed by a blizzard, in Northern Indiana - Lots of Corn Fields- No all...and those aren’t exactly “your neighbor’s sheep”.

This video is another good example of using creativity to tell the story you want to tell, but working with the tools and resources you do have, instead of focusing on what you don’t.

Shepherd's Tale Making of...

Doc Cortex: Early Childhood Brain Development

I made this video for Memorial Hospital BrainWorks. The goal was to educate the viewer on the topic of early childhood Brain development. The character "Doc Cortex" presents the information, in a manner that while scientifically sound (and plentiful), is "hopefully" a bit fun as well.

My niece's and neighbors not only were many of the performers, but they also made costumes, and provided artwork for my animations.

Office Safari

A classic work relationship story, told in a non-classic manner.

I recently saw an Apple WWDC opening video using this same idea. They may not have used the iDate concept (shown above), but So Glad to see that they appreciated this one enough to recreate.  :  )