Jeff Petersen

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Jeff Petersen is the owner and founder of Jeff Petersen Studios. Thanks to his over 20 years of media development and production, along with 16 years of being an educator, he offers his clients a substantial pedigree of proven experience, and expertise in the fields of photography, video production, live event planning and execution. Jeff has won awards for his videos and has been recognized as a driven innovator and leader in his field. He has taught numerous classes and workshops for other creative professionals all over the country. As media and production director, he and a team of creative professionals took the innovative Granger Community Church from an era of multi-projector slide shows, to the current high-tech, high-production value experience that thousands of people continue to experience on a weekly basis, and others around the world look to for inspiration and direction. Jeff works hard to do whatever it takes to execute his client’s ideas and to realize their visions within a given time and budget. His mantra is, “To do the very best we can, with what we have, in the time we have to do it!”